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Health & PT website builders with a difference .

Founded in Melbourne, Australia this is where your brand journey begins. PT Reach was started by me Jedd, to become t  PT website builders with a difference & offer powerful yet affordable digital solutions to empower personal trainers & those within the fitness, health & wellbeing space.

Our mission is simple, to offer our clients with the digital foundations & tools needed to capture inspiration & reach new audiences, which otherwise will remain untouched through conventional offline ways of building a brand. 

Since our beginning, PT Reach has grown alongside a team of professional web, graphic & video designers, whom of each have mastered their craft & unique style catering to the types of clients we serve best.

We have helped personal trainers, fitness influencers, gyms, studios & therapists worldwide reach their goals of becoming digitally defiant, spreading their reach online & taking their business to new heights. 

So why choose PT Reach? The answer is simple, we are not your typical health & PT website builder. We create & grow your brands identity, assisting to deliver high quality digital services at an affordable price.

Our sole focus is to deliver & target services specific to the health industry. We are experts in curating brands, web design & content to reach your audience. Typically agencies will offer generic brand & website design to everyone, PT Reach has adopted a more refined approach that caters specifically in those within the health & fitness industry. 

Speak with real people in real time. Over the phone, zoom & email. PT Reach will offer continues support to our customers on an ongoing basis. A rarity in comparison to typical large online marketing agencies that receive hundreds of requests daily & no human customer support.

We offer a transparent pricing structure that is tailored to suit client needs of any size. Whether you’re a personal trainer, fitness studio or nutrition company – you should never have to forfeit excessive amounts on digital services. PT Reach will offer you budget friendly solutions that will deliver significant results.

We understand the unique challenges faced in gaining & retaining traction or credibility online & its no secret that each of these are vital tools to accelerate success.


This will act as your digital shopfront & focal point of your brand. Your website will showcase your work, providing others with the information that matters the most. Finding a suitable fitness, health or PT website builder is vital to solidifying your personal brand brand. This will not only be your number one platform to share information, connect with others, assist & manage clients, but also something you will grow to be proud of & share with the world. 

Brand Identity

This is so much more than a logo, this is recognition. Your brand is who you are & what you represent through carefully curated colour schemes, guidelines & typography. Brand identity can represent power, inspire others & communicate company values to others in a matter of seconds. A well designed brand identity instates trust & credibility, as well as formulating a key point of difference from competitors. 

Visual media

Video reels & posts allow us to connect with others in powerful ways. Adapt & evolve with the algorithm though use of captivating content. This is more relevant now than ever before, with the rise in social media video content, it is vital that businesses use the power of video editing & content sharing to their advantage.

Once you’re ready, contact PT Reach to embark on your new digital journey today. There has been no better time to unlock your full potential & creating a long-lasting digital brand. Your success is our passion, and PT Reach are here to make it happen.

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