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How To Name Your Personal Training Business

How To Name Your Personal Training Business

How To Name Your Personal Training Business.

Naming Your Personal Training Business

See our list of 100 personal trainer names to get started. These are entirely free to use or may just spark some creative inspiration.
Majority of those reading this will be at the beginning of their personal training journey and ready to sink their teeth into the exciting notion of brand creation. You may have completed your training certification or not, this does not matter as your identity creation can start today regardless. Personal trainer branding will become your own business signature and instate trust along with legitimacy to your existing and future client base. In this post we will delve deeply into the first step of personal training brand creation, being how to name your personal training business.

Why does naming your personal training business matter?

#1 It's a business

Your personal training business is a business and should be named as one would, a name should be adopted that reflects your every essence. Picture your business as a storefront, what is front, and centre of every storefront is the name. A well thought out personal trainer business name articulates professionalism and legitimacy, instating this in the clients we aim to serve. First impressions a vital and naming your personal training business effectively is a step in the right direction.

#2 Target your audience

Most personal trainers and fitness coaches specialise in specific client demographics or training types, a well thought out name can create an immediate connection with these people without too much selling or any at through a feeling of belonging, relatability, or inspiration. A deeper phycological resonation when naming your personal trainer will not only attract your ideal client but build a following along with it.

#3 Build something that is scalable

Naming your personal trainer business creates a brand, with a brand comes scalable opportunities that may present themselves down the track. Think Mitsubishi, Adidas, or Emirates. These brands all begun with a single product before diversifying and the same can be said with any personal training business. You may want to develop a supplement line, branded gym clothing or open your own group fitness studio. This all begins with naming your personal training business, the sky is your limit.

How to Craft Your Personal Trainer Brand Name

Now that we have considered the underlying reasons and importance that naming has to your personal trainer business, here is a step-by-step guide to create yours. For those in need of some inspiration, here is our free downloadable list to kick off the process.

1. Define your niche

Understand what types of personal training or fitness coaching you are currently doing and whether this aligns with what you intend to do in the future. Ask yourselves whether you enjoy it or whether you want to develop into a different type of training / cliental market in the future. Your present and ideal future work will provide visibility on your niche. Your name should accommodate the work you are doing now to support your business currently but be versatile & future proofed enough to be scalable down the track.

2. Understand and identify with cliental.

Upon establishing your niche. You need take the clients perspective to understand what are their fitness goals? What motivates them, tailor your name to speak directly to others. A name that resonates with your clients is not only memorable but creates a following. Embrace simplicity, complex of complicated naming does noes not make a brand any more trustworthy. Straightforward and simplistic names will resonate far better.

2. Check availability

Ensuring that your name remains available to use is vital as it creates consistency across platforms. There are couple ways to do this, as a starting point we always recommend searching your name in google to see if any results show. We can then proceed to go through social media platforms to see whether any further results show. We are then ready to move forward and begin thinking about purchasing a domain name which can be used for both our website and business email address. There are many online domain marketplaces that offer domain names that are available to purchase, we have put together a more descriptive guide on purchasing domains and the costs associated in building a personal trainer website for reference. Lastly, you should conduct a trademark check to avoid any legal complications that may arise with name selection.

3. Test

This step is often overlooked in many aspects of business despite being relatively easy. Take your name ideas out to the world asking family, friends, clients, and colleagues what they think. Honest feedback is important, there are times where we encounter tunnel vision, but it is important to remember that whilst our name should closely resonate with us, it is equally important that is received well by others.

4. Develop and introduce branding

This is the fun part! Build your brand identity and logo. This can be done with the help of professionals such as PT Reach or by yourself using the numerous online tools available. Your first go at developing your brand identity doesn’t have to be perfect, as we are not all graphic designers. Once you are happy take it out into the world, introducing it to your website and social media accounts. Initial release of your new personal trainer business name should coincide with other key elements associated with brand identity including your logo, typography, colour pallet along with a short dos and don’ts guide with how your plan on displaying your brand identity. This will help retain a degree of consistency when using your new personal trainer brand. It is important to note that introducing your brand and name publicly is not locking you into anything permanent, there are always options to tweak and modify your branding as you develop or through further feedback from others.


In the world of fitness, it is important to remember that naming your personal trainer business is just as important as it is for any other conventional business to do so. Your name will shape and alter your pre-existing connections, along with those that you work with in the future. The impact that this can have on your businesses success is astronomical, as creating a sense of consistency across your brand will instate legitimacy in your business and stand as a testament to your commitment in helping others. Naming your personal trainer business is an exciting venture, so remember to have fun doing so.

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