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How much does it cost to set up a personal trainer website?

How much does it cost to set up a personal trainer website?

All the costs to set up a personal trainer website.

How much does it cost to set up a personal trainer website?

Having a website as a personal trainer in this age of digital dominance is essential. Yes, we can rely heavily on Instagram to grow our brand, and this is certainly encouraged. However, the benefits a website can offer your personal training business are unmatched. A website is your asset to scale overtime, with opportunity to introduce unique elements such as forms, email marketing, ecommerce applications, online education, the list simply goes on.
You are probably now thinking, how much does this all cost, so let’s cut to the chase. The cost of setting up a personal trainer website can be as little as $50 and range upwards of $5,000 depending on how much you intend to (DIY) and the objectives or quality you intend to achieve.
To fully understand the process in setting up your personal trainer website the (DIY) approach or adopting a similar method with some help along the way, lets delve into the essentials that are involved from day 1.

Securing a domain name: (Approximate cost $10-$25)

This is your digital signature and selecting the right one for your personal trainer website is vital, but also simple to do. By now you should have appointed a brand name or have rough Idea on how you would like to present your personal training business to the world. We have put a list together of 100 personal trainer brand name ideas for those who are in need of some inspiration.
There are many great websites such as Godaddy or Namecheap that essentially operate as a domain name marketplace. Simply, make an account and search for your desired name. Note that the .com domains are often placed in a more premium category and pricing can often reflect this. Pricing structure is typically a one-time fee followed a yearly subscription to hold on to that domain name thereafter.

Web Hosting (Approximate Cost: $5 - $20 per month)

This is essentially a fee paid to a hosting company in exchange to be able to store and have your websites data shared to the internet. When starting out a shared hosting platform is perfect & offer sufficient capabilities for building a personal trainer website. These hosting websites also offer a range of additional benefits for building and running a website including security, training, and support for those in the early stages of building a personal trainer website.

Website & Content Development (Approximate Cost: $0 - $5,000+)

Now this is where it can get expensive (and a little tricky for first timers), but do not stress technology available now makes it easy for anyone to be a web developer without needing advanced technical skills such as coding. WordPress offers a range of handy plug ins such as Elementor utilising simple templates and drop in features that makes it all incredibly easy.

Website Plug-Ins & Integrations ($0 - $1000+)

You may be planning to sell services through your websites, create a membership system, have customers complete online forms, integrate email marketing systems and more. These capabilities are all made possible through website plug ins which migrate with WordPress or other website management systems in a similar way that applications work with your phone.
There are thousands of Youtube tutorials available to any roadblocks encountered & options to outsource technical issues or integrations to freelancers on websites such as Fivver or Upwork. It is worth noting that this phase of building a personal trainer website can take anywhere from 2 weeks up to 2+ months and should be known that the (DIY) approach to this takes some serious sweat equity and patience.
Like apps, plug ins can be free and be paid with many plug ins offering a free version with limited capacities. Depending on how advanced you want your initial setup to be, the price of plug-ins will be influenced. We recommend when starting out utilising free plug-ins where possible which can always be upgraded later.

Maintenance and Updates (Approximate Cost: $0 - $300 per year)

Websites require maintenance to function, this includes updating security systems and auditing your sites performance to ensure it is working the way it is intended. This can be done periodically using outsourced professionals or self-managed, with some self-learning depending on your preference.

SEO (Approximate Cost: $0 - $600+ per month)

Build it and they will come they said. This age old phrase certainly does not apply in the digital world. Search engine optimisation are specific actions and strategies that we take to ensure that our website gets noticed by search engines and ranked in their lists for searchers to find.
SEO is categorised into 2 disciplines. The first, is on-page SEO which refers to the actions and efforts we take to improve SEO on our actual website. The second, is off-page SEO which refers to the actions we take to improve SEO outside of our website by pointing other digital assets such as articles or social media pages back to our website for search engines to connect the dots, these a referred to as backlinks.
Without getting to bogged down in the detail of SEO. This can be a tricky to navigate and a time-consuming process, there are many individuals and companies that can assist with off and on page SEO. However, for those who are willing to put in the hard yards there is a substantial number of online tutorials and resources to guide you through the (DIY) process in optimising your personal trainer website.


By way of summarising, you can get started for as little as just a few hundred dollars for the (DIY) approach. Whilst this may take some time and frustration it can be very satisfying building your own asset from the ground up. For those who want to get a professional website up and running hassle free there are plenty of done for you (DFY) options available. A well designed and functional website will be certain to set you apart from your peers, instating legitimacy in your brand and a digital asset you can hold onto forever.

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